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  • Homes: From quaint cottages to sprawling estates, each a gateway to Amelia Island’s coastal charm (prices range from mid-$400,000s to over $1 million)

  • Community: A welcoming enclave taking shape, offering a private Nextdoor group for residents to connect and grow.

  • Location: Uncover your ideal setting – choose proximity to vibrant Fernandina Beach for convenience or explore a more secluded stretch bordering Amelia Island’s natural beauty.

  • Investment Potential: Be part of a neighborhood on the rise, with potential for growth and appreciation alongside its unique character.

Imagine finding your own private haven tucked away within Amelia Island’s tapestry. Pirate’s Bay isn’t just a neighborhood; it’s a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch.

Picture yourself nestled amidst tranquil streets. Choose from cozy cottages perfect for intimate moments or spacious estates ideal for family gatherings, all imbued with the timeless elegance of coastal living.

Step into a community spirit that’s just warming up. A private Nextdoor group allows residents to connect, share tips, and build a sense of belonging. Whether you’re seeking friendly neighbors or simply a helping hand, Pirate’s Bay welcomes you with open arms.

The beauty of Pirate’s Bay lies in its flexibility. Nestled near Sadler Road, you can enjoy easy access to Fernandina Beach’s shops, restaurants, and lively atmosphere. Venture further north, and you’ll discover a more secluded haven, steps away from Amelia Island’s pristine beaches and untouched natural beauty.

Investing in Pirate’s Bay is more than just acquiring a property; it’s about securing your own piece of island paradise. This dynamic neighborhood offers sound investment potential with home values likely to rise alongside its unique and evolving character.

Sparkling Highlights:

  • Diverse housing options to suit every lifestyle and budget

  • Emerging community spirit with a private Nextdoor group

  • Flexible location offering both convenience and secluded serenity

  • Sound investment potential in a neighborhood with growth potential

Pirate’s Bay isn’t just a hidden gem; it’s your opportunity to uncover your perfect island oasis. Come discover why this dynamic neighborhood might be the key to unlocking your dream island lifestyle.

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