This is Postcard Living – A Brief Introduction

We wake up every day thinking about one thing. How do we help design and create Postcard Living?  In the days of old, writing a Postcard was often about a new discovery, a place visited for the first time, a joyful moment to be shared.  We see Postcard Living as the embodiment of living your best life no matter what shape, size, or budget you may possess or care about. This is about listening and understanding so that we can help you create and shape your Postcard Lifestyle.

We created this blog series to help capture those stories, ideas, and inspiration for what Postcard Living means. Part of it will be celebrating life here, and part of it will be about design and architecture.  Postcard Living isn’t always about just one thing but often a collection of moments and experiences that create the lifestyle one is searching for.

We invite you to be a consumer of this content, but we also would it if you were a contributor or creator. Please share your ideas and thoughts as we don’t pretend to have it all figured out and want this to be a place to collaborate and curate this journey of life.

To help get us started, we wanted to share a story about a remodel we took on in the historic neighborhood of Old Town. We had purchased an old Mill Cottage that was in need of some love and affection, and the below images help share the story of the transformation of that home and how it all turned out.


Here is the video showing the final home and some of the finer details. We hope you enjoy.



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