Welcome to Cabana Lane. Our journey, like yours, has had its share of twists and turns. The handful of wrinkles means we have experienced a thing or two, and not much surprises us. Cabana Lane is as much about a state of mind where real Estate is part of a process that gets you to the lifestyle you are after. Living near a town, a beach, in a particular neighborhood, or remotely in the woods. No matter what path you are on, we will meet you there, and you have our commitment to helping figure it out. 


Dawn is the dreamer, the designer, who can make the hardiest tradesman stop what they are doing and pay attention to what she is saying. I know; I've watched her for 25 years as her husband. Dawn has a gift for seeing spaces and potential in dwellings that need some love.


John is a real estate developer with 20 years of being the Sales & Marketing Exec for the developments he has helped create. John's career has taken the family to some beautiful parts of the world, from Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Dallas, Naples, and Amelia Island. He is the sales guy, the marketing nerd, the content and story guy, and the drone operator. John will manage the financials of projects or opportunities as Dawn says she doesn't understand spreadsheets (which is still an open debate).

1+1 = 3

Yes, we can add. However, you get Dawn & John when you sign up with us. Two nutters who love real estate and their combined talents might give you something you haven't had in a real estate team. Dawn is the dreamer and designer and somehow pulls the magic out of the hat with her merry band of tradesmen. John comes off as the Developer & Land Guy, but he's a goofball who loves being on his riding mower or making sand castles with his boys. Dawn's design gene sneaks into John's "artsy" side, so watch out as it may surprise you.

Our Real Estate Experts

Dawn Hillman

Dawn Hillman

 Founder & Sales Agent 
John Hillman

John Hillman

 Founder & Broker